5 things we care about

Our values are the things we really care about at ChristChurch. We seek to live out our life together as a church making much of these 5 things. Watch, read or listen below to explore our values.

We love our God and Saviour, Jesus Christ. He takes centre-stage in our meetings. We talk and sing about him and to him, praising him for all he is and all he has done for us. Our prayers to God the Father are accepted through him and he sends us his Spirit to help us live for him.

We love the Bible, all of it. We believe the Bible makes sense of the world and tells us all we need to know to follow Jesus. We read the Bible expecting to hear God talking, and don’t skip the difficult bits.

We love the cross of Christ. Here we find our sins paid for and the power to live distinctively. The more we grasp what Jesus has done for us the more we find ourselves changed to be like him: full of grace and truth.

We love one another. We are spiritual brothers and sisters, brought together by our common trust in the death and resurrection of Jesus. We consider ourselves to be a spiritual hospital, full of needy people. We also think God has a unique part for each of us to play while we look forward to the day of Christ’s return.

We love people who don’t yet follow Jesus. We want to reach out and offer a warm welcome. We want to help people understand basic Christianity. We want people accept Jesus’ invitation to come to him for rest.

Explore our Values further by listening to these five talks

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