Why One to Ones?
When was the last time someone asked you how you were doing spiritually, and you felt able to answer honestly? The idea of One to Ones is to provide an environment for Christian relationships to thrive – relationships in which Christians encourage each another to live for Christ.

How Do One to Ones Work?
Who you meet, when you meet, how often, where…are all questions that each pair (or triplet) will have to work out themselves. The essential elements are that you meet with someone of the same sex, regularly, in order to reflect on God’s Word, share life, and pray.

Who Should I Do One to One’s With?
We would recommend meeting up with someone in your Small and Local group or someone in church that you get on well with. We would also be very happy to help you find someone to meet up with.

What Next?
If you are interested, get in touch with Daniel Gomes using the form below, or in person, to request to be linked up with someone, or to inform him of who you have decided to meet with.

Connect Me to a One to One

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