We have mission partners in Nigeria, Pakistan and Spain.


Rick, Alanna, Asha, Conor and Jack serve with Crosslinks in central Nigeria, where they have been since 2012. They are based in ECWA Theological Seminary, Kagoro, whose students are training to be pastors, missionaries and christian education teachers.


Waseem works for Lahore Evangelical Ministries in Pakistan, equipping pastors and church leaders to preach the gospel. This includes outreach work among villages and running a cable TV channel to bring the gospel to millions of people around Pakistan.


Terry and Christine Miller live in the city of Cordoba, Southern Spain, with their children, Joel and Esther, and are currently starting to plant a city centre church with European Christian Mission to reach primarily secular Spaniards with the good news of Jesus.


We also maintain strong links with our ‘visiting members of staff’ below.

Fiona Castle

Fiona Castle is a Christian speaker whose time is spent travelling around the UK, speaking at evangelistic events, churches, and charity events for hospices and Cancer Research UK.

Author and Speaker

Grace Forsythe

Grace Forsythe serves as the Women’s Worker at Trinity Church Everton, aiming to reach local women with the gospel. She is also an intern with Biblical Counselling UK.

Gareth and Malou Bolton

Gareth and Malou Bolton are members of Operation Mobilisation. They work in many countries throughout the world as Bible teachers. They also lead AMEN Trust.

Roger Carswell

Roger Carswell is an evangelist and author. For over thirty years, he has led evangelistic missions at churches and universities. He also writes many books and evangelistic tracts.