e love books that point people to Jesus and help Christians to grow more like him…

Our bookstall is available in the foyer of our church building and can be browsed before or after any of our services. Below are some of the books available there at the moment.


The Imperfect Disciple

Jared Wilson


Jared Wilson has written a deeply encouraging book for those who sometimes feel on the fringes and wonder whether their fumbling, stumbling journey following Jesus can legitimately be called `discipleship’.

According to Wilson, many of the ways the evangelical church teaches discipleship seem to be designed for people who don’t really need it. In his words: ` how do all our steps, tips and quasi-spiritual `life hacks’ come across to the Christian woman who is married to an unbelieving husband completely apathetic to the things of God, to the young Christian whose parents aren’t saved but who hate that he is, to the husband whose wife seems more interested in Pinterest than in him, to the working class guys and girls who see through the slick pick-me-ups of the privileged, to the frequently discouraged, the constantly disappointed, and the perennially depressed?’

Wilson speaks with grace to the hearts of the sinful (`we like our ruts, and our ruts like us’) and the walking wounded. His book is funny, honest, compassionate and most of all, true to the all-sufficient perfection and power of our humble Master who has promised to lead us home.

10 Books for 10 Commandments

None Like Him

Jen Wilkin


Julian Hardyman


Gordon Cheng

The Art of Rest

Adam Mabry

If It’s Not Too Much Trouble

Ann Benton

Assisted Suicide

Vaughan Roberts

Revolutionary Sex

William Taylor

The Grace of Giving

John Stott

Speaking Truth in Love

David Powlinson

The Secret of Contentment

William Barcley