Where Do You Park Your Car at Church?

Here’s a challenging post from GoThereFor on how we serve one another when we gather together. You can read the full thing by following the link below, but here’s an extract:

What would your church look like to a person coming for the first time?

For long-time attendees, sometimes going to church can be the same as going to the supermarket. We only go when we need something. We come with a list of things to do. We tick them off and then we get back in the car and go home. Church… tick! What could make church even more like a supermarket are self-serve checkouts. You can walk in and buy everything you need to without having an awkward conversation with anyone. It’s brilliant! Imagine how good it’d be if church was like that!

But that’s not how things work. When we become followers of Jesus every area of our lives is affected, no exceptions. When we become followers of Jesus our lives are transformed.

Throughout the New Testament we see that those who God has been merciful to are now described as the body of Christ. We see a little of this image in Romans 12:4-5. Not only have we been brought together, but we collectively have a new boss, a new head. We are now in Jesus, part of his body. He is the one who equips us to do what he would have us do as his body…

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ASSOCIATE MINISTER (MUSIC AND MEDIA) Andrew is married to Ruth and they have two sons. He loves teaching people the Bible and training church musicians, which he does in ChristChurch and with Music Ministry UK. In his spare time he enjoys all kinds of music and sports.