Below you will find a growing list of recommended resources for youth during this time.
Any updates will be posted at the top of this page as the weeks go on


As well as the resources listed below, there are new things being added all the time and linked to from the Growing Young Disciples Facebook page. Do give it a visit.


Of course the best way to grow is to get into the scriptures as a family. If you haven’t got any already, it may be a good time to get hold of some Bible reading notes so that you have some focussed time on a particular passage with some suggested questions and things to pray.

  • ‘Discover’ bible reading notes are written for 11-14 year-olds
  • ‘Engage’ bible reading notes are written for 14-18 year-olds
  • ‘Youthworks Bible Studies’ are written for 14-18 year-olds
  • ‘Explore’ bible reading notes are written for adults but many of our older teens would find them useful

You may have various old copies of these which you can dig out or if not you should be able to get some online at https://www.10ofthose.com/uk/ or https://www.thegoodbook.co.uk/


For the older ones particularly, listening to sermons is a great way to be fed from the scriptures. Why not grab a notebook, delve back a few years in the CCB library (https://christchurchbanstead.org/sermons-audio/) and pick a sermon series to listen to and discuss as a family.


If you go to the following link (https://www.clayton.tv/find/explore/0i0/6411/) then you will find a number of video based resources. Most of them are aimed at adults but if you scroll down then you will see ‘Video Bible Talks’ – Made for Youth Group. Here there are 4 series of talks going through 4 books of the bible. The talks have been written by a guy called Dave Cornes, who is a youth worker at a church in North London. Many of the YP will recognise him as he often presents ‘Sorted’ and has recently given the talks at ‘Sorted Nano.’


In Live It. Tell It. this term we have been looking at an overview of the bible, from Genesis to Revelation. The content for each of the sessions we have been looking at is freely available online in the format of a video and a bible study at: https://www.godsbigpicture.co.uk/. I would thoroughly recommend looking through it with your children, whether they have been to LiTi or not, as it provides a great understanding of how the bible fits together as one big book and it points us forward to the glory to come.


The New City Catechism is resource to help families learn the core beliefs of the Christian faith via questions and answers. You can access the questions and the answers online at: http://newcitycatechism.com/. Why not see how many you can learn with you children at home?


Songs are great at putting truths into our hearts and minds. They also help us to remain joyful in this time of uncertainty.
Why not subscribe to the CCB Spotify playlist?


It would be great to encourage the YP to pick up the phone/FaceTime one another every so often in order for them to check how they are doing and to spend some time praying for one another, our church family, our community, our government and other world leaders.