Live streaming on YouTube

We can confirm that we will be live-streaming a basic service from the church building at 10:15am and 6:15pm each Sunday featuring a small number of participants. No live congregation will be present but we encourage all who would normally attend ChristChurch to tune in online at these times. More information will be provided in the days leading up to Sunday.

To get ready, do visit the ChristChurch Banstead YouTube channel where the video streams will appear. Hitting ‘subscribe’ will help you know when videos are coming, and will also help us reach as many people as possible in these days:

Once a live stream has finished, it will be available to watch for several days afterwards. The plan is to deliver recordings of the morning service to those with no internet access.

Although it will feel strange to start with, we trust that setting aside these times together to hear God’s word will be a blessing to us all, and help us ensure we remain all about Jesus in the days that lie ahead.


ASSOCIATE MINISTER (MUSIC AND MEDIA) Andrew is married to Ruth and they have two sons. He loves teaching people the Bible and training church musicians, which he does in ChristChurch and with Music Ministry UK. In his spare time he enjoys all kinds of music and sports.