Sunday Morning Services

We worship God who reveals Himself in the Bible.  Our worship is a response to that revelation. That is why we take the Bible seriously and every service contains a reading from the Bible and an explanation of its meaning.

Many people today want to understand themselves and the world we live in; they want to find meaning and purpose in life.  All this is found in the Bible.

Every Sunday morning (at 9.15 and 11.15 including coffee) is great for families as well as those on their own.  After a time of singing, prayers and special items all together, we provide special groups for children and young people so that they can enjoy teaching and group activities suitable for their age.  These groups meet at the same time as the adults' teaching.


On Sunday, 11 March there will be one morning service for all ages at 10.15am.

On Easter Sunday (1 April) there will be one morning service for all ages at 10.15am







Date Title Bible Reference
12th The New Heart Ezekiel 36
19th The Proud Heart & The Humble Heart Luke 18:9-14 C
26th The Lovely Heart 1 Samuel 16:1-13
Date Title Bible Reference
2nd The Opened Heart Acts 16:11-15