Date Title Bible Reference Speaker Audio
19th AM The Servant-Prophet Mark 13:1-37 Kevin Newman MP3
12th PM Thinking Christianly: Transgender Romans 8:18-25 John Taylor MP3
12th AM The Servant's Wisdom Mark 12:13-44 Jay Parsons MP3
5th PM Animal Farm Daniel 8:1-27 Jay Parsons MP3
5th AM The Servant-Judge (Part 2) Mark 12:1-12 Kevin Newman MP3
Date Title Bible Reference Speaker Audio
26th PM Jungle Book Daniel 7:1-28 Kevin Newman MP3
26th AM The Servant-Judge (Part 1) Mark 11:12-33 Andrew McKenna MP3
19th PM God's Rescue Daniel 6:1-28 John Taylor MP3
19th AM The Servant King Mark 11:1-11 Kevin Newman MP3
19th AM The Servant-King Mark 11:1-11 Andrew Grimstone MP3