Date Title Bible Reference Speaker Audio
19th AM Never Give Up Praying Luke 18:1-8 Gareth Bolton MP3
12th PM Living in Light of the End 1 Peter 4:7-11 Kevin Newman MP3
12th AM Who should I vote for? Psalm 146:1-10 Jay Parsons MP3
5th PM The Living One Revelation 1:1-18 Jay Parsons MP3
5th AM He is Risen! Luke 24:1-12 Kevin Newman MP3
Date Title Bible Reference Speaker Audio
29th PM Confidence in Christ's Example 1 Peter 4:1-6 John Phillips MP3
29th AM Out of Anguish Isaiah 53:10-12 Kevin Newman MP3
22nd PM Confidence in Christ's Victory 1 Peter 3:13-22 Jay Parsons MP3
22nd AM Lamb to the Slaughter Isaiah 53:7-9 Kevin Newman MP3
15th PM Living with the Church 1 Peter 3:8-12 Jay Parsons MP3