Date Title Bible Reference Speaker Audio
20th AM No Other Gods Exodus 20:1-3 and Luke 18:18-30 Kevin Newman MP3
13th PM The Church in Pergamum Revelation 2:12-17 Kevin Newman MP3
13th AM At Mount Sinai Exodus 19:1-25 Jay Parsons MP3
6th AM Fatherly Advice Exodus 18:1-27 John Phillips MP3
6th AM The Church in Smyrna Revelation 2:8-11 Kevin Newman MP3
Date Title Bible Reference Speaker Audio
29th PM It 'Aint Over 'Till Its Over Joshua 1:1-18 John McLernon MP3
29th AM Good News for All Nations Exodus 17:8-16 John McLernon MP3
22nd PM The Church in Ephesus Revelation 2:1-7 Shak Sulliman MP3
22nd AM Water from the Rock, the Amalekites Defeated Exodus 17:1-16 Jay Parsons MP3
15th PM Vision of Christ Revelation 1:9-20 Jay Parsons MP3